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Abstract Architecture

Our Methodology


Vision & Strategy


Stakeholder alignment and buy-in, setting a clear roadmap, and ensuring the solution design will be fit not just for your current but also your future needs


Data & Process


Modernise, simplify, standardise, and automate - allowing the business to focus on the value-adding activities. Extend when ready to tackle more challenges



We recognise that your investment in OneStream goes beyond the core requirements. As the platform can be expanded. we work with you to bring further capabilities into the platform whilst ensuring other parts of the business are not impacted.

One Team

One Team


There is no “you” and “we”. Working as one team improves communication, upskilling and enablement of your teams throughout the duration of the engagement. Ongoing training and knowledge transfer means a smoother handover and less dependency on 3rd parties.

Transform & Govern

Blueprint & Proof of Concept


See tangible outputs, not just Powerpoint slides. Our accelerators, templates, and starter kits (apps) will enable you to see how your end state is shaping up right from day 1 and all progress feeds into the Core implementation, so no time or effort is wasted

Core Implementation

Expanding on the Blueprint and PoC, we bring all the core requirements together into the detailed design and build a state-of-the-art unified solution. With our proven agile methodology, we work closely with the project team to design, build and ensure every building block is unit tested thoroughly before becoming available for User Acceptance Testing - minimising bugs and accelerating troubleshooting

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